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She likes to dress really sexy and wears more makeup then she should making her look like a young slut when she goes to school.

Mom leaves for work before Ann leaves for school so I allow her to dress like a little slut when she leaves for school.

Mom now uses the room to stay in shape or relieve her frustrations. Moms bedroom is on one side of the living area and mine is on the opposite side.

I have a bathroom down the hall way towards the back of the house.

She likes to show off her body attracting the attentions of the older boys. They take extra clothes with them so they cover up when they get close to school and remove their makeup.

I never thought about her being a sexual perverted woman. I’ve been sexually aroused not only by her but, by my sister Ann for a long time. I have a long time friend named Tim, he is my best friend and coworker.The house was handed down through the family over the years. This house is a big part of mom’s life and it will intertwine with my sister and I. Mom sitting with just her short robe on exposing some tit flesh and showing her long legs had my attention. I went fridge to get a beer and refill her glass with wine. Surprised by the question I answered just like it didn’t bother me. I looked at mom and she had a slight smile on her face. I had one more beer and kissed her goodnight and went to bed. I woke up at in the morning with a piss hard on that actually hurt and a full bladder. With my hand on my cock I slowly got out bed and headed for my bedroom door.Mom got the house from her grandparents before they left to live in Germany. Remodel several times since to eliminate most of the bedrooms that were used by the prostitutes. How I found out about mother being a piss whore pig began on a Thursday evening. I wasn’t paying much attention to the theme of the movie but, did like the scantly clad girl dancers doing their routine. Returning to the living room I commented on the sexy girls how great their legs were and how much skin they showed. Mom took a big drink of wine and ask me to refill her glass. My seven inch cock felt like a tree limb in my hand. Walking slowly in the dark I opened my bedroom door and stepped out into the hallway.Since my young age I never paid attention to what my mother was doing or the sex she was having. ( my mother) more and more, as a cunt or even a whore. Everyone has secrets and mom had a deep dark secret. As I grew older I’ve became sexually aroused by her and my sister Ann. We get together to watch porn and jack off together. His nine inch cock is thin with a slight upward curve.My object lately is to have sex with my mother and my sister Ann. I enjoy jacking off my seven inch cock and squirting my load cum on my belly or nude pictures of whores in magazines. We love perverted sex and talk about fucking my sister and mother.

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