Tall dating club

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You've got your pick of the slightly-stunted litter; you stay on your side, and we'll stay on ours and no one has to get to two-steppin'.Sure, you stand out -- and you suddenly have every right to bypass the heels -- but there's just no way you don't look slightly out of place, shaking it on the dance floor when the rest of your entourage is at your elbows. Short ladies, there's just got to be a code of conduct here.

You give all the right cues and all the appropriate "we're both really f*cking tall" sign language...

So what kind of trouble has being abnormally tall gotten us into in life? This guy's perfect in every single way, as evidenced by his four grainy photos and 30-word bio. There's also something infinitely gratifying about suddenly towering over everyone you encounter.

So you've swiped right and you think you might finally be Tinderella. It's scientifically proven you get an extra boost from being close to the sun.

until his 5'1" girlfriend steps in and you're back to #3.

Normally, you don't surround yourself with gremlins, but every now and then, a short one slips through.

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Perhaps this is why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a match made in heaven - Prince William is 7 inches taller than Kate.

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